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What is WebForwarding ?
A WebForward in the context of zone files creates a hidden 'A' record pointing to a web server. When the web server gets a request for your site from a visitor, the web server is designed to automatically forward the visitor to the URL of your choosing. This is usually achieved with a meta-refresh and looks like this raw html :

The '0' relates to how many seconds until the user is redirected. Obviously we use '0' for an instant redirect to the place of your choice.

What is Cloaking (or masking) ?
Cloaking (or masking) is a special kind of WebForward. Just like a WebForward, cloaking creates a hidden "A" record pointing to our web server. However, when our web server gets a request for your site from a visitor, not only does our web server forward the visitor to the URL of your choosing, but an invisible frame is used to hide the destination URL. Your domain name stays in the location bar of your visitor's browser, thus "cloaking" the destination URL.

What is eMail Forwarding ?
A MailForward creates a hidden "MX" record pointing to our email server. When we receive an email on your behalf, our email server is configured to forward the email to the address of your choice. If you leave it blank, then all email going to your domain will get sent to the destination address, even if it doesn't match another email address you've explicitly specified. This is known as a global mail redirection.

How long until my MailForwarding change takes effect ?
Our eMail servers are updated and respawned every two hours so any updates you make should be ready for testing by at least 10 minutes past that hour.

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